My Make Up Review

I've just bought the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette (matte) 3 days ago. I ordered it on Saturday actually, but the delivery service (refers to TIKI) doesn't operate on Sunday,
then i decided to order on Monday. Well thanks God, i chose the good online shopping service, they send the goods every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but i dont know why, they sent the goods right after i transferred the money to them. Then... Taraaaaa...............
88 Original Palette

My Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette (matte) was comiiinggg :D
Unfortunately, it came on 12 pm, :(
Why i said unfortunately? Because i'd got a shooting schedule ( for my institution calendar) on 11 am, huhu...
I wish i could wear the eye shadow for it. :-s

Well lets go back to the review for the product,
well its size is not like what i've thought before, it's smaller, but it doesn't matter, moreover i would not wear it wastefully...
The colors are great!
(Before this, i always use Revlon) 
But i haven't tried the black colour from this palette, but i would love to share about it after i use the black soon.
(The best black colour i ever use is from Oriflame, the little eyeshadow, it costs IDR 65.000,-) This products are so pigmented, so i just have it lightly used on my eyes...

I also love the eyeliner pencil for Giordani GOld Oriflame, it's very easy to use, and very very very black,
but it is easily broken, because it is so soft.

From many reviews, it is said that this great e/s products from coastal scents would very best mixed to Urban Decay Primer Potion... 
(btw, i've just bought it also-the travel size one (read :the cheap one-for trial) , but haven't tried it)
It costs IDR 100.000 but only 3.7 ml in size.

I also have the concealer from Coastal Scents Manufacture
i bought it last year.
The Coastal Scents Concealer
Well recently, I also, have just made a PO to the palette with no label on its casing, the blushes, and i would like to make a comparison between the products,
i'll post it soon :-*10 Blush Palette

*Those photos i took from the internet, but later i'll show you about my real all products,


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