My Make Up Review Part 2

Hi Gurls, Now i would like to share about my other cosmetics,
here they are:
This numbering is according to the order of I use.

1. a. Oriflame, Even Out Face Cream SPF 20
Price Approximately, i forgot, IDR 129.000

It is said that - i copied and paste it from the internet- "As the name suggests, it is applicable for any one who has a skin with black marks or spots and blemishes. This could be due to hormonal changes, sun exposure or in my case chicken pox. The cream definitely lives up to the expectations as within 1-2 weeks of its application"
But i don't know how it works, because i wore it when i have no problem on my skin, so that i can't see the differences then. The most important of all, my skin doesn't have any resistance to this product.
I use it when i would like to put some "weight" make up on my face.
In daily use, i use doctor's.

b. Collagen Moistful Essence
Hmm... I got it free because it's only a gift when I made a member in Etude (Min. Shop IDR 500.000),
this is very small in size,
Hmm.. I can't comment much, because i seldom use it. But, it seems good. Feel soft.

2. Revlon, Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
IDR 50.000-70.000
I use it after moisturizer and before foundation. It makes my face feel smooth after cleaning my make up, i love this product.

3. a. Oriflame Foundation

I bought it when it's discount 30% ( hmm i forgot)
Appr. IDR 80.000-100.000

b. Etude BB Cream Sheer Glowing Sking
IDR 350.000
I love this product, it makes my skin looks good. I love the colour,make the skin glow.
But this is too expensive i guess :(

4. Revlon Matte Powder Blush Perfectly Peach
IDR 80.000-100.000

I love this color!!

5. Viva Pencil Brow - Chocolate
IDR 19.000 -25.000 i forgot

I haven't bought the new one, 

6. Oriflame, Giordani Gold Pencil
IDR 80.000-100.000
This is very easy to apply on the line under my eyes. But, because of this pencil is too soft, i had it broken soon T_T
but it still could be used anyway (thanks God)

Pure Black
Dark Brown

Double Intense Gel Eyeliner 
IDR 35.000
Cheap in price, but good.
i use in on my eyeliner, (upper side)

8. Revlon Fabulash Mascara
this product's tapering my eyelashes :D

9. a. MAC Lipstic
IDR 250.000

b. Oriflame MAXI LipGloss Pink

c.Oriflame hydracolour lipstick pink clouburst

d. Etude Lipstick Nude IDR 80.000-125.000
(i haven't found the picture in the internet, perhaps i have to take the picture by myself, later)

e. Etude Lipstick Orange  IDR 80.000-125.000

(i haven't found the picture in the internet, perhaps i have to take the picture by myself, later)

10. a. Oriflame Brush
IDR 250.000
I have it as a gift, after i shopped about IDR 700.000 on Oriflame

b. Etude  Powder Brush
IDR 250.000

I bought it at Etude Counter, so expensive T_T huhu,,
 i bought it at that time just to make the member on ETUDE. :(

c. Etude Foundation Brush 
IDR 250.000
T_T expensive.. huhu but good :-s


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